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Fertilizer spreader with conical steel hopper and disc distributor for spreading fertilizers (granular or powder) or cereals (rice, wheat, etc.). Can also spread salt or sand on snowy or icy roads with a special accessory. Suitable for tractors up to 50 HP. 
All painted components previously receive cataphoresis treatment (against corrosion).

Standard equipment: 
Spreading quantity, direction and density adjustment;
- Hot galvanized disc, stainless steel spreading fans and broadcasting windows;
- Fix agitator;
- Safety grille (only for CE version);
- Standard drive line.

- Articulated wheel agitator (for damp or powder fertilizer);
- Deflector for salt and sand (painted);
- Deflector for salt and sand (made out of stainless steel);
- Road lights kit;
- Plastic cloth cover;
- Hot galvanized cone (model MSPG/CE);
- Stainless steel cone (model MSPI/CE).
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