Products - Category Machines with hydraulic motor - Product MZ4SXL ID - Stoneburier with hydraulic transmission

Standard equipment:

Attachment brackets - Hydraulic motor complete with tubes, hoses ½ inch and safety valve- Side chain transmission - Depth adjustment through mesh roller - 4 blades each  flange (square) - Side shifting - Built according CE rules.

On request:

Jolly seed machine for grass: cm 105, cm 125 - Spring harrow for Jolly: cm 105, cm 125 - Kit connection plate (for Norcar, Avant, CSF Multione, Cast, Taian, Weidemann, Toro Dingo, Mustang - Gehl, Tobroco Giant, Knikmops, Schäffer, Schäffer "B", Schäffer New, Skid Steer) - Overprice for hydraulic-motor with oil flow of 60 litres/min (15.9 Gal/min) (+/- 10%) If supplied instead of the standard one - Kit flow shutter valve (to be applied on loaders with flow rate between 40 and 60 lt./min) - Offset through handle

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