The company was founded in 1949 by Alcide Muratori, as a small company of craftsmen who repaired agricultural machinery. During the ’50s the company built also small tractors.
The production of agricultural machinery (at the beginning only rotary hoes, but product by product through the years, the line has grown to its present state) began at the beginning of the 1960s. Just a few years later, Muratori began exporting  part of its products to nearby countries, beginning its strong export vocation.
The company grew and expanded, and in 1978 a new company was formed, and a new factory , the present company headquarter, was built. Today, after further expansions, it occupies a covered surface of over 6,000 m2.
Muratori S.P.A. is still run by the Muratori family. Lucio Muratori, son of the founder, is the present president, and his daughter, Elisa, is the managing director.

In recent years, the company has shown its commitment to innovate and its attention to the environment through two significant investments. The first one was an automated painting plant, technologically advanced and with a low environmental impact. The second one was a 115 KWp photovoltaic plant than provides, in complete autonomy and without any damage to the environment,   the 75% of the energy required to run the factory.
Currently, Muratori S.P.A. has one of the largest range in its sector, and includes:
  • ROTARY HOES for tractors from 12 to 120 HP (working width from 85 cm to 305 cm)
  • STONEBURIERS for tractors from 12 to 240 HP (working width from 85 cm to 405 cm)
  • POWER HARROWS for tractors from 15 to 120 HP (working width from 90 cm to 300 cm)
  • FINISHING MOWERS for tractors from 12 to 50 HP (working width from 120 cm to 230 cm)
  • SHREDDERS/FLAIL MOWERS for grass, wood, hay, corn etc., for tractors from 15 to 100 HP (working width from 105 cm to 280 cm)
  • STONEBURIER FOR TWO WHEELS TRACTORS up to 14 HP (working width from 66 cm to 84 cm)
  • FERTILIZER SPREADERS for fertilizer (powder or granular), cereals or salt and sand to be used on icy or snowy roads, for tractors up to 30 HP

  • ROTARY HOES with working width from 105 cm to 145 cm
  • STONEBURIERS with working width from 105 cm to 125 cm
  • FLAIL MOWERS with working width from 105 cm to 155 cm
  • FINISHING MOWERS with working width from 120 cm to 230 cm
  • POWER HARROW with working width from 90 to 150 cm
Muratori S.P.A. products are used in various sectors, such as: landscaping, professional gardening, vegetable gardening, vineyard, orchard and large scale farming. More than 90% of the production is exported.
Our mission can be explained with the slogan “Trust the specialist”. It means that for more than 60 years customer from more than 40 countries, across  5 continents, have found the best and most effective product for their job with Muratori together with an efficient service and an excellent price/quality ratio.