The Muratori rotary harrows, for tractors from 18 HP to 120 HP, are ideal for secondary tillage (i.e. after working the land by plowing or similar) in any condition and type of soil (in agriculture, including vineyards and orchards, in landscaping and professional gardening).

These machines, by means of vertical rotors equipped with blades, can effectively crush the clods of soil and obtain a well-leveled surface ideal for subsequent sowing.

Among the many accessories, various models of rear rollers are available for adjusting the working depth and also allowing different types of finishing of the worked soil, grass seeders are also offered that make it possible to work the soil and sow the turf in one single pass.

Designed to be reliable and durable, thanks to their versatility, the numerous options and the vastness of the range, the Muratori power harrows can be used in a large variety of jobs, e.g. the more compact models allow you to operate in very confined spaces with saving time and larger ones in open fields with great efficiency.