The Jolly TC seeder is particularly suitable for sowing grass for parks, gardens
and green spaces in general, it can sow other products as well (e.g. alfalfa,
cereals, etc.) as long as the seeds are of dimension not bigger than 3-4 mils
(0.15 inch) maximum. It is built with the seed containment hopper in stainless
steel, the spreading shaft is driven, through chain transmission, by the leveling
roller of the machine on which it is applied Available in various working widths
between 100 cm (39.5 “) and 250 cm (98”), it can be applied to stone buriers
and rotary harrows equipped with packer roller or mesh roller allowing, in a
single pass, soil working and sowing. A seed springs kit can be added to the
Jolly seeder. It is about a comb with teeth made of very flexible steel springs
that act superfcially on the ground after sowing and improves the uniformity of
distribution and burying of the seed