Muratori finishing mowers for tractors are the ideal solution for turf care.

These machines are mainly made up of a frame of limited height that contains horizontal blades of particular design (3 or 5 according to the versions) which rotate at high speed and effectively and accurately cut the lawn grass.

According to the versions, Muratori lawnmowers can be equipped with conveyors to discharge the cut grass to the side or the rear, or with a "mulching" kit to shred the grass leaving very limited residues on the ground. The MR series models are extremely versatile as they are the only finishing mowers on the market with the possibility of having one or the other of these options on the same main frame.

All Muratori finishing mowers can be supplied with rear or front 3-point linkage cat. 1 (but they can, on request, be supplied with a quick coupling cat. 0).