NEW PRICE LIST NO. 64 - 2020
With the aim of making it more usable and detailed,the new Price List has been completely  revolutionized as a graphic design with detail of all versions of the mahcines, and the addition of the part numbers and weights of each version and related accessories. 

The Price List includes some news: 
•  The rear cage rolle is now available on request on the MZ3 rotary tiller and 
MZ3X reverse rotation rotary tiller. 
•  Combs Kit is available on request from MZ3X reverse rotation rotary tiller. 
•  MZ15C rotary tiller goes our of production and has been replaces by the new 
model MZ16C (with similar general characteristics but with 4-speeds gearbox for 
540 RPM, and 2-speeds gearbox for 1000 RPM and witha reinforced 3-point linkage).