Muratori produces versatile flail mowers, mulchers  and shredders for tractors from 15 Hp to 120 Hp. These machines consist of a sturdy frame that supports a rotor shaft on which floating tools are mounted (e.g. knives of various types or hammers), which, by rotating at high speed, shred the products present on the ground such as grass, shrubs, light wood, pruning branches, crop residues, etc. and can satisfy the most various needs of farms, fruit growers, wine growers, gardeners, landscapers, etc.

Among the various options there are the possibility of front mount, side shifting (mechanical or hydraulic) and various ways to adjust the cutting height such as side skids, rollers or wheels (front or rear) so as to obtain an optimal shredding.

The range of Muratori machines includes:

- Flail mower for compact tractors, both for professional and hobby farming, ideal for use in confined spaces

- Flail mower with collector, equipped with a container to collect the chopped grass or leaves fallen on the ground. Ideal for parks, gardens, and sports fields.

- Various models of medium and heavy stalk choppers, mulchers and shredders which, in addition to grass and shrubs, can work on crop residues and pruning shoots, chopping even those of large diameter.

- Side flail mowers that can be used in a very displaced position from the tractor and are ideal for cleaning road banks, embankments, ditches, hedges, etc.